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Take a Glance at Famous and Rare Emeralds in the World’s History 

famous emeralds in the world

No gemstone has a vast history like an emerald. From Cleopatra’s jewel collection, a tiara of the Duchess of Angouleme to the Art Deco emerald choker of Princess Diana, there are many famous emeralds, prized emerald jewelry, and different types of emeralds in the world that show deep love for this gemstone.

Some are legendary for turning into masterpiece jewelry adored by royals while others made their name for being rarest, biggest, and most expensive. 

Most Famous Emeralds and Jewelry Around the World

1. Tiara of the Duchess of Angouleme

famous emeralds in the world
Tiara of the Duchess of Angouleme

A masterpiece of emerald jewelry, this tiara sings the rich history of France. It was a gift to the Duchess of Angouleme from her husband, still, it was not her personal property. The tiara was built in 1819-1820 with 40 emeralds out of which 14 were the largest emerald from the crown stash.

It was also decorated with 1031 diamonds and set in silver jewelry. It was famous because of its excellent craftsmanship as no other jewelry exposes this kind of work. This tiara traveled from France to Britain but unlike other royal jewelry that undergoes restoration, it remained untouched.

Now, the diadem of the Duchess of Angouleme resides in the Louvre and is open for public display.

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2. Vladimir Tiara of Queen Elizabeth II

Vladimir Tiara of Queen Elizabeth II
Vladimir Tiara of Queen Elizabeth II

Who does not know the longest-serving queen in the history of any country? Her jewel collection had notable tiaras and jewelry including her mother’s. Vladimir Tiara was one of her favorites and also an important jewel in her collection. The tiara belongs to the last Romanov- The Grand Duchess Vladimir and a Britisher smuggled it from Russia. 

Queen Mary, Elizabeth’s mother, brought it from an auction and repaired it by adding 15 of her emeralds to make the tiara more beautiful. To date, this diadem is the most important emerald jewelry in her collection.

3. The Chalk Emerald

the chalk emerald
The Chalk Emerald

Named after Mr. and Mrs. O Roy Chalk, this 38.4 carats crystal is the finest emerald in the world. It has perfect green color and stands out in terms of clarity. However, its origin is not known but according to legend, the Maharani of Baroda in India used to own it.

The Chalk Emerald is now transformed into platinum, gold, and 16 pear-shaped 60 carats diamond emerald ring. Now, it resides in the National Museum of Natural History along with other famous emeralds of the world.

4. The Guinness Emerald Crystal

The guinness emerald crystal
The Guinness Emerald Crystal

Found in one of the historic mines of Colombia, this 1759 carat emerald entered the Guinness Book of record. It is the rarest largest gem-quality emerald until Chipembele was discovered in Zambia. 

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5. The Mogul Mughal Emerald

famous emeralds in the world
The Mogul Mughal Emerald

One of the rarest and most famous emeralds in the world is the Mogul Mughal Emerald. It traveled from the mines of Colombia to India and landed in the Mughal Empire. 

The special thing about this stone is the Arabic inscription over its surface which tells that Aurangzeb did not own the gemstone originally. The stone features Shia prayer in the Arabic language and is now available for public display at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. 

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6. The Rockefeller Emerald

The Rockefeller Emerald
The Rockefeller Emerald

This famous emerald is more than a historic emerald and is now the most expensive flawless emerald in the world. Now owned by Harry Winston who purchased the Rockefeller emerald at the cost of $5.5 million last year.

Its history begins in 1930 when John D. Rockefeller Jr acquired it first for his wife. However, after the death of Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, John’s wife, the emerald fell into the hands of their youngest son. 

7. Teodora- God’s Gift

Teodora famous emerald
Teodora- God’s Gift

One of the most famous, rarest, and biggest emeralds in the world is also a subject of controversy. The 11.5 kg heavy, 12 inches long, and 57,000 carats emerald came from the mines of Brazil where comes the high-quality Brazilian emeralds. 

It was said to be cut in India, auctioned in Canada, and brought up by gem dealer Reagen Reaney. Something so big and the size of a watermelon attracted gemologists around the world who wonder if it’s fake. A gem expert in Canada said it could be white beryl dyed in green color to fake as emerald. 

Well, there are also several alternative stones that look like emeralds.

8. Chipembele Emerald

famous emeralds of the world
Chipembele Emerald

Recently in the largest emerald mine in the world, Zambia, a 3.3 pounds and 7,525 carats single emerald crystal was discovered. Chipembele, which means Rhino in the local Bemba language, was worth $2.45 million. It is the world’s largest high-quality emerald so far.

9. The Bahia Emerald

the bahia emerald
The Bahia Emerald

There’s a story behind one of the most famous uncut emeralds in the world. Found in 2001 in the mines of Brazil, the Bahia emerald has a history of being cursed, stolen, lost, found, and having multiple ownerships. Currently, the Bahia emerald is in a secret location in LA until the case is settled.

10. The Bulgari Emerald and Diamond Brooch

The Bulgari Emerald and Diamond Brooch
The Bulgari Emerald and Diamond Brooch

To date, it is the most expensive emerald jewelry and sold at Christie’s auction for $6.6 million. This emerald brooch has a connection with actress Elizabeth Taylor who wore it at her wedding. Richard Burton bought this brooch for his beloved Taylor in the early days of their romance during the shoot of the Cleopatra movie.

Throughout history, gemologists have discovered many rare and big emeralds that stunned the world with their size and beauty. Among those many got a place in the collection of popular royals and became famous emeralds in the world.

They have shined brighter and survived the tides of time telling the tales of the past. Other notable emeralds are Inkalamu, Insofu, Caroline Emperor, Duke of Devonshire emerald, Gachala, Patricia, Emerald of St. Louis, and Mim famous for their unusual quality and unbelievable size.  

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