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A Complete Guide on How to Clean Malachite Stone Jewelry at Home

how to clean malachite stone

Jewelry needs care, the way you do. It needs to be cleaned regularly to endure the glow and when you are wearing malachite stone jewelry you have to be extra careful. You should know how to clean malachite stone as this green-colored gemstone is quite different from other gemstones like emerald or sapphire and is super soft.

It got that extra sensitivity because of copper which also gives it a green color. Too much of this mineral makes malachite toxic as well as delicate for human beings. It can easily break off if not handled with care or when the uppermost layer breaks down.

Thus, malachite loses shine with time and becomes useless to the wearer. It stops showing spiritual benefits. So, to keep your malachite stone jewelry forever bright and continue experiencing its good benefits, you must know how to clean malachite at home. Though there are expert jewelry cleaners to help with that, cleaning kidney stones is simple and can be easily done by anyone.

Follow the steps in this guide and get the lost shine of malachite jewelry back.

How to clean malachite stone jewelry?

Man cleaning malachite stone jewelry
How to clean malachite stone

No matter whether you are cleaning a malachite ring, necklace, or bracelet, the key is the same- Always do the needful and keep the seal intact. Each malachite stone has an outer seal that protects it from coming in direct contact with the sun and outer atmosphere. It also prevents the gemstone from water and dust.

To ensure that seal doesn’t get damaged, use a soft cloth to clean malachite jewelry. Gently rub the cloth on the surface of the stone to avoid scratches. You can also soak the cloth in water before wiping the stone. But make sure that the cloth is not too wet otherwise water droplets will damage the gemstone.

Avoid using any soap or cleaning agent to cleanse malachite as it can remove the polishing from the jewelry. Do everything as mentioned in the guide.

The method is the same for different colors of malachite stones like black, pink, yellow, or purple. However, if you have raw malachite stone then the cleaning process would be different. Follow the below steps to remove dirt from the stone:

Steps to Cleanse Malachite Stone

malachite stone pendant
Malachite stone pendant

1. Cover your nose, mouth, eyes, and hand before beginning as malachite dust can cause health issues.

2. Take a brush with soft bristles and gently rub off the dust from the raw malachite stone.

3. Soak the stone in clean water to clear the dust from its surface.

4. If the dirt is too strong then use dish soap to cleanse the malachite stone.

5. Leave the stone in water overnight and then scrub again the next day to clear it.

Clean the malachite with care otherwise, it can turn out dangerous. And once it gets clean, wear the malachite stone as per the right procedure. If you are wearing a ring, put it on the little finger or kanishtha of the left hand.

Where Can I Buy Malachite Stone?

This lucky stone is known as a stone of transformation. It is easily found worldwide but mainly occurs in Russia, Zambia, Nambia, Mexico, Australia, and Congo. But you don’t have to visit these countries to buy raw malachite crystals, beads, slabs, or tumbled stones.

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