Malachite stone

7 Signs That Help You Spot Fake Malachite

real vs fake malachite stone

Malachite being the common gemstone is also the most easily faked crystal. Beginner buyers can never tell the difference between fake vs real malachite. Firstly, because sellers will tell it’s real, secondly the appearance will be exactly the same, and the third reason is low awareness among buyers.

Thus, having a basic knowledge about properties, appearance, and benefits of malachite stone is important to make an informed decision. So, let’s get started.

How to Tell the Difference Between Real vs Fake Malachite?

See the Price

fake malachite stone
Fake Malachite Cabochans

In the gemstone world, one can never find cheap malachite. They are expensive because it’s not easy to mine moreover a stone that took years to form naturally can’t be sold cheaper. Right!

However, in comparison with other gemstones like emerald or ruby malachite is quite affordable. The value of one carat of malachite is as low as Rs 200 or $1. But if you are getting a top-grade large malachite stone, keep your budget above Rs 2000. Malachite cabochon or tumbled stone is usually costly due to its precise cut and shape.

Closely Look at Colors

Though the striking green color of malachite which is due to copper deposit is one of the factors to consider while buying this gemstone, you should check for other things as well.

Malachite can be pastel green, bright or medium green, and sometimes dark green too. Seeing so many shades can leave you puzzled. All of them are original colors of malachite, you can buy anyone.

Non-Uniform Pattern Sets Them Apart

fake malachite stone
Fake Malachite Stone

What makes real malachite different from a fake one is the pattern on them. Some have harsh contrast with black color patterns which are always random for a malachite stone to be real. The thickness of these patterns varies though.

Fake malachite will have more uniform and repeating patterns. Clean edges and symmetrical stones are other hints that tell it’s not real malachite.

Fake vs Real Malachite: Do The Weight Test

Fake malachite beads
Fake Malachite Beads

A real one will feel heavy when held and cold as well. This is because of the high amount of copper content in malachite.

Man-made malachite or lab-created beads will be lighter and warmer than the original ones. They are made of plastic, glass, or clay which gives these characteristics to the fake malachite stone.

However, they are soft in nature thus you should be careful while wearing or cleaning it. If you don’t know how to clean malachite stone jewelry, get expert’s help. It will cost you a bit but your favorite malachite pendant or ring will survive longer.

Not Available in Many Shapes

How to spot real malachite stone
Real Malachite Stone

To attract more and more customers, sellers often sell malachite jewelry in different shapes. But that is fake malachite.

This green-colored stone is not available in angel, heart, moon, or any other shape. Malachite cabochons are usually round, oval, and bulged with a flat surface. Do not fall for those fancy shapes rather buy the real malachite stone online with a precise cut from SurbhiGems.

Fake One Always Float on Water

To differentiate fake malachite vs real, do the water test for the stone. Put the stone in a bowl full of water; if it floats then you have got the malachite imitation. Since they are made of glass and other commonly available materials they don’t have sturdiness like real malachite stone.

Real vs Fake Malachite: The Iron test

Real malachite ring
Real Malachite Ring

To tell if your malachite ring is real, bring an iron piece closer to malachite stone jewelry. If it attracts the iron then the gemstone is fake. A genuine malachite stone cannot attract anything made of iron because it is not magnetic.

If your malachite stone ring passes all these test and show the true properties, Congratulations! You are not duped and now you can flaunt off this beautiful stone. Wear malachite jewelry in right finger and this stone will work like a magic for you.

Where to Buy Real Malachite?

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