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5 Fabulous Uses of Malachite Stone in the Past

use of malachite stone

Today, the malachite stone is very popular in the world for its unavoidable charm and lustrous green color. Because of this reason, the use of malachite stone is increased in the jewelry industry and people buy malachite stone online in bulk.

But do you know, this stone was equally popular in the past and was not only seen in jewelry. 

From France to Egypt, the stone traveled a long journey, and love for this green-color mineral multifold with time. Learn here how the people in past used to admire malachite. 

Use of Malachite Stone in Past

Pigment for Paint

 malachite stone as pigment
Malachite Pigment

The first use of malachite green stone was seen in 1800. Due to its vibrant color and sensitivity to acids, the stone was crushed in powder to form a natural pigment for paints. 

It is the oldest green pigment to date. Tombs of Egypt are painted with this naturally occurring pigment. Soon, malachite pigment reached royals’ home and was used in painting. During the 15 and 16th centuries, it was the most important pigment. 

Malachite Room 

malachite room in winter palace
Malachite Room in Winter Palace

This green crystal never failed to win the attention of artists around the world. It was even used for decorating walls of churches and palaces during the 1800s. The Winter Palace of St. Petersburg is a beautiful and oldest example of it. 

Russian architect Alexander Briullov designed a malachite room for the wife of Nicholas I to replace their old Jasper room. There are malachite urns and furniture in the room. It served as an important gathering palace and dressing room for Romanov brides during that time. 

In 1917, the malachite room of St. Petersburg served as an important sitting area for the Russian Provisional Government. Now, the room is a part of the largest art and culture museum in the world- The State Hermitage Museum. 

Another malachite room is in Mexico’s Chapultepec Castle. 

Demidov Vase

malachite vase in Metropolitan Museum Art
Demidov Vase

The patterned surface of malachite inspired artists and creators a lot. One such example of creativity is the Demidov Vase. It is a large vase of bulb shape decorated with real malachite green stone and bronze mounts. A square shape base holds this vase taking the total height to 9 feet. 

For sixty years, the Demidov vase has been the most admired single ornament. The vase was a part of a vast collection by the Demidov family of Russia. Somewhere around 18-19 centuries, a malachite stone weighing 5 tons was discovered in the Demidov mines. 

Due to the soft nature of malachite, craftsmen could not make complete use of malachite. However, they found a way to give a beautiful shape to the rock without disturbing its naturally occurring pattern. Hence the Demidov vase came into existence.

Now, the vase is enhancing the status of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

The Tazza

malachite tazza
The Tazza

Russians have made malachite truly a prized stone and used it to create several national treasures. The Tazza was one of them designed by the most prolific designer in Russia. Ivan Ivanovich Galbery carved malachite crystal into a beautiful shallow circular bowl. 

A similar malachite tazza resides in the Linda Hall Library. Emperor Nicolas I gave the tazza as a gift in 1826. Now, it is one of the largest malachite works in North America. 

The Funerary Mask

mask of the red queen
Malachite Mask of The Red Queen

A Mexican archeologist discovered the Tomb of the Red Queen ( Lady Ix Tz’akbu Ajaw) in 1994 in Palenque. The noblewoman’s funerary mask was completely made of malachite green stone. Her ornaments and headdress were also covered with green-colored stone. 

There are not too many famous works of green stone due to its brittle nature. Today, this stone is mostly used for making jewelry pieces like necklaces, rings, pendants, and bracelets. These can be fake so must know how to spot fake malachite.

The craze of these pieces in jewelry is due to the astrological benefits of malachite. It has been a symbol of protection since the 17th century. According to Spanish superstitions, the stone can remove negative energies and ward off evil spirits.

Malachite is a symbol of Death as in ancient Egypt and when one dies they go to the Field of malachite. Egyptians describe the meaning of the term as an afterlife. They also believe that the stone can treat issues of fertility in women and ease suffering and pain. 

When to Use Malachite Stone?

use of malachite stone beads
Malachite Stone Beads

The real use of dana firang or kidney stone is to

  • Prevent mood swings
  • Boost emotional health
  • Remove toxicity from life and surrounding both
  • Balance body chakras
  • Bring Unconditional love 
  • Align with goals 
  • Provide great support at work
  • Help in interpreting intuitions
  • Give spiritual assistance
  • Trigger Creativity
  • Ease labor and menstrual pain

It is true that malachite has the power to bring all these changes in your life only if you know how to wear, cleanse, and charge the crystal. Here are the different methods of cleansing malachite. 

How to Cleanse Malachite Stone?

how to use malachite stone
Malachite Stone Cabochons

Do not use water instead avoid using it as malachite may get damaged when wet. There are various other ways to cleanse malachite such as:

  • Burying the stone into the ground so that it can absorb all the energy of the earth and clean from inside
  • Burn a sage and let it absorbs the smoke. Do not take the stone closer for safety reasons
  • Keep a piece on the selenite to activate malachite. For the best results keep malachite closer to selenite for 12 hours. 
  • Put the stone in a pack of uncooked rice. Leave it overnight to activate the stone. Do not use the rice afterward.
  • Cleanse malachite stone with a crystal singing ball and a tuning fork. Ring the sound for 5 minutes continuously to send positive energy into the stone. 
  • You can also use salt to clean dana firang. Place it over a heap of salt and keep it in front of a window to absorb moonlight. 

Wear the malachite silver ring with a small finger if you are wearing it on Wednesday. You can also wear the ring on Friday. However, ensure that the weight of the ring is between 5.25 Ratti to 8 Ratti.  

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