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Can’t Afford Natural Emerald? These Cheap Substitutes are Better Options For Your Budget

emerald substitutes

There is an alternative to almost everything in this world and emerald gemstone is no different. Substitutes of emerald stone offer similar benefits as this natural gemstone does. They are also capable of changing your life in the best possible way without making you spend thousands to buy an emerald ring. 

Because as said good things don’t come easily; buying an emerald gemstone is not everyone’s cup of tea. The price of a one-carat emerald can go up to $3076 i.e. Rs 2 Lakh. This is too much for an ordinary customer. That’s why emerald stone substitutes are a perfect choice. They are equally charming, beneficial, and affordable as well. 

But, be careful as many sellers trick customers by selling ordinary green stones in name of emerald alternatives. There are also different types of emeralds that can make the decision difficult. And if you have no proper information, you will definitely get tricked. Thus, we are bridging this gap here to help you make wise decisions.  

Different Substitutes of Emerald/ Panna Stone and Their Properties

Panna has only 3 doppelgangers- Peridot, Green Tourmaline, and Green Aventurine. These gems are also extracted from mines and have astrological importance. 

They are no different than emeralds in terms of vibrant green color and hardness; however, these alternatives are no match in terms of quality. But they are best for buyers whose budget doesn’t permit buying an emerald stone

1. Peridot Stone

peridot stone emerald substitutes
Peridot Stone

The first emerald stone substitute is as rare and extreme as Panna. It is known as the gem of the sun and has the power to ward off evil spirits. Lookewise, peridot is bright yellow-green color and got its name from the Arab language. It means ‘faridat’ in Arabic which is another word for gem. 

History of Origin and Facts

Its history is 4.5 billion years old same as Earth’s age. Historians believe that peridot came from the Earth’s mantle and some are part of meteorites. It also got several mentions in the history of the world where many believe Cleopatra had a collection of peridot and not emeralds. Well, the resemblance of this gemstone with emerald can confuse anyone. 

Another fact about peridot was that Egyptians discovered them on Zabargad, an island on the Red Sea. Topazios Island is covered with plenty of snakes. Thus, exploring and mining was difficult there. 

Properties and Sources

Peridot comes from Olivine minerals from the igneous rocks. That is why it’s not a gem but instead a stone but is used mostly in jewelry because of its vibrant color. The presence of iron gives this unique color to the stone however iron the amount of iron is more in peridot which makes it brighter than the original emerald gemstone.

Peridot or evening emerald stone is found in the mines of the Canary Islands, China, Brazil, South Africa, Norway, Mexico, Oregon, Arizona, and even some parts of Asia. They have tiny black spots on the surface and highest refraction than other emerald stone substitutes. Also, their hardness is 6.5-7 on the Moh’s scale.

Price per Carat– The price of one-carat peridot is approximate $50-$80 and the highest quality gemstone can cost up to $450USD. In terms of rupees, peridot costs between Rs 400 to Rs 999/carat. 

Benefits of Peridot Stone

Undoubtedly, the price of peridot makes it very affordable for mid-budget buyers, but buyers choose this gem for its astrological benefits

  1. Remove negative energies from the surroundings
  2. Attract positivity 
  3. Makes you wiser
  4. Reduces anxiety
  5. Brings love naturally to the wearer
  6. Improves trust and loyalty in your relationship
  7. Keep health diseases such as asthma, thyroid, stomach pain, and eye-related issues at bay
  8. Reduces negative emotions such as jealousy, fear, anger, and nervousness 
  9. Make your mind clear 

As per Indian and Western astrology, Aquarius, Libra, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, and Gemini are the rashis who can wear emerald substitutes. They should wear this beautiful gemstone on the little finger of any hand. Peridot necklace and pendant are the best options as jewelry.

2. Green Tourmaline

emerald substitute green tourmaline stone
Green Tourmaline Stone

One of the best substitutes for Emerald stone is Green Tourmaline. It looks replica and comes from the same beryl family as emerald. This semi-precious gemstone is also known as Verdelite stone and got the name from turamali.

History of Origin and Sources

Like the discovery of every useful item, green tourmaline was found accidentally. Back in the 1500s, a Spanish man mistook this gemstone for an emerald in Brazil. After 300 years, mineralogists found that this semi-precious stone is a new type of gemstone.

Apart from Brazil, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Nambia, Pakistan, and Nigeria also produces very elite stone. However, the quality ones are rarely found because of their inclusion-free characteristic. 


This Brazilian emerald has a composition of aluminum and boron silicate. In its crystal form, the stone has a trigonal structure. On Moh’s scale, it is 7 to 7.5 in terms of hardness which is very close to emerald ( 7.5 to 8).  

Price per Carat- Green Tourmaline costs less than an emerald gemstone. For a carat, you have to spend only Rs 450 or $7 approximately. But if you are purchasing high-quality green tourmaline stone, the price per carat can go up to Rs 2000 or $30. Still, cheaper than a natural emerald gemstone.

Benefits of Green Tourmaline

This substitute for Panna stone is good for emotional people who are finding balance in their life. Especially, lovers can take help to alleviate the dark feelings of love by wearing it. But there are other benefits as well such as:

  • Good for the brain as it improves memory
  • Help professionals and students as it strengthens analytical and logical skills 
  • Provide financial benefits to the wearer
  • Cure issues related to eye, skin, and ear
  • Helps deal with stress and anxiety
  • Boosts self-confidence and improves communication skills

If your Rashi is Virgo, Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer, Leo, or Aries, wear this emerald stone alternative to avail of these benefits. As per astrology, it works when worn on the right hand on the little finger. And since the ruling planet of green tourmaline is Mercury, Wednesday is the right day to wear this emerald substitute. 

3. Green Aventurine

green aventurine stone emerald substitute
Green Aventurine Stone

It is not at all like emerald, not even like a real gemstone that shines. It’s simply plain green colored stone that is cut in an oval or circular shape to enhance its appearance. Despite this, one should buy this emerald substitute because it is the luckiest of all the natural gemstones in the world. 

History of Origin and Sources

Also known as Gambler’s stone, this is a quartz crystal with the presence of minute inclusions and has a plate-like shape. Although aventurine is formed naturally from metamorphic rock, mineralogists discovered this gemstone by chance. 

Therefore, it got the name aventurine which is an Italian word that means by chance. But the stone was present on Earth long ago of its discovery; some believe it is 2.5 million years old. Most of this substitute of Panna is found in India but is also produced in some parts of the world like Russia, Chile, and Spain. Russia has the largest deposit of aventurine in the Taganai Stone River. 


Green Aventurine is hard and rates 6.5 to 7 on Moh’s scale. 

Price per carat- One of the cheapest alternatives for emerald stone is green aventurine. It starts from Rs 200 for one carat. 

Benefits of Green Aventurine

You may not find green aventurine as the best alternative to emerald gemstone because it doesn’t have a glittery appearance but the benefits will make you buy one.

  • Let you express and communicate clearly to others thus good for introverts 
  • Calms negative thoughts and regulates wearer’s behavior
  • Infuse balance and energy into one’s life
  • Make you more logical 
  • A great comforter to a broken heart
  • Blocks all negative emotions and settles calmness in your mind
  • Attracts abundance of health and wealth 
  • Bring back the lost money

Unlike other Panna substitutes, green aventurine works really well when worn as a necklace. It is because the gemstone is related to the heart chakra. 

Which is Best Emerald Stone Substitute?

emerald stone substitute
Emerald stone substitutes

All three substitutes of Panna stone are good in terms of cost and magical benefits. However, green tourmaline is the best alternative because of its close resemblance to emerald. It has the exact vibrant green color and high number on Moh’s scale and doesn’t cost more than a real emerald. Moreover, it shines brighter than other emerald substitutes.

Besides these alternatives, buyers will get emeralds in different names such as Panna stone, maragatha stone, budh stone, pacha stone, and markat stone.

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