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How to Wear Emerald Stone Ring: Know The Right Procedure, Mantra, and Day

A natural emerald stone ring is not ordinary jewelry that you can wear anytime, any day. One should know how to wear emerald, what is the right method, on which finger emerald should be worn, etc. These things matter because this natural gemstone has the power to change your life.

If you don’t wear it correctly then you can face heavy loss of health and money. It happens because you might have worn emerald in the unfavorable conditions of planet mercury which is its ruling planet. The effects are stronger for Virgo, Capricorn, Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, and Taurus signs as Mercury is the ruler of these zodiac signs.

Thus, one should know the right mantra for wearing an emerald ring, when and how to wear and also what is the best day and time to put on Panna.

How to Wear Emerald (Panna) Stone Ring As Per Astrology?

panna ring finger
How to Wear Emerald Ring

Wearing a Panna stone ring is not easy like you buy a Panna stone ring online and put it on any finger on any day. Before you slip this beautiful gem into your finger, you have to purify the stone. Then comes the energization process. These two steps will activate the power of emerald, remove all negativity, and give you maximum benefits.

Here is how to clean emeralds at home.

Step 1- Purification of Natural Emerald

The first step is very important as natural unheated Panna is full of impurities. They can interfere with the positive energy and reduce the benefits for the wearer. So, do not forget this step. Also, it works for all types of emerald stones, and gemstones jewelry you buy online.

Here’s how to do purification of Panna stone ring.

  • Take a metal bowl and put the emerald ring into it.
  • Add pure cow milk and holy water of Ganga along with a few tulsi leaves, honey, ghee, and sugar
  • Keep the ring in this pure solution for at least 10 minutes. The longer stone is immersed, the better it will be purified.
  • Take the ring out after the said time and then clean it again with fresh water
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe off water

The purification process is done now, move to the second and the most important step. If you skip this, you are losing the blessings of Mercury and God ruling it.

Step 2- Activation or Energization of Natural Emerald

It is also known as the energization process that helps in building a strong connection with its ruling planet. In other words, a natural emerald gemstone gets strength from energization and all the negative energies are removed. This way wearer will get most of the benefits of wearing an emerald stone ring. However, there is an important mantra for wearing emerald to complete the activation process and it should be done at a specific time.

Here’s how to energize emerald stone:

  • For activation, you have to chant the buddha mantra for wearing emerald. It is “Om Budhaye Namaha,” this is the mantra for worshipping Lord Budha as he is the God of mercury.
  • Repeat this mantra 108 times so that the gemstone gets the blessing of Lord Buddha.

Best Day and Time For Wearing Emerald

Perform the ritual early in the morning between 6 am and 9:30 am on Wednesday in Shukla Paksha. It is the right day to welcome emerald in your life as Budha rules this day. You can also do the rituals of wearing the emerald ring in the evening after sunset between 5 and 7 pm. Shukla Paksha is auspicious

In Which Finger Panna Should be Worn?

which finger should I wear emerald ring
Emerald Stone Ring

Any finger is right if you are wearing an ordinary ring made of gold or silver or any other metal. That’s not the case with this unique gemstone jewelry. It can make you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Emerald awakens your spiritual power, heals your body, reduces stress, and also boosts your creativity.

You can get all these benefits after wearing an emerald ring on your little finger or Kanishka. This is the Sanskrit name for the little finger. For men who can wear Panna, the right hand is most suitable and women can wear an emerald ring on any hand. Many people also wear Panna on their ring finger but this is only in rare cases.

If you are wearing emerald substitutes, ask astrologists for the proper procedure.

When to Wear Panna Stone in Ring Finger?

When Mercury and Sun both are in the harmony and in the same house then they become the most powerful. They can change anyone’s destiny during this time.  This rare event is known as Budh Aditya Yoga. However, there is a condition to forming this yoga.

The sun should be in front of Mercury and placed at right degrees. The difference in their degree should not be less than 3 or more than 12. If that happens, Budh Aditya Yoga will be canceled. Therefore, the wearer should consult an astrologist always otherwise all the efforts of buying an emerald ring will go waste.

Important Things to Consider

Emerald requires utmost care and consideration before it enters into the wearer’s life no wonder why. It’s because of its powerful properties and ability to bring serious damage to one’s life. Therefore, you cannot simply purchase any type of emerald jewelry online and wear it without giving it a thought.

how to wear panna stone
Panna Stone Ring

To be on the safer side, start with these important things while buying natural emerald stones online.

Right Color– All emeralds are green but they still differ in terms of color which impacts buyer’s life and their budget too. How? For instance, the Colombian emerald has a bluish-green hue and is sold at a higher price whereas a cat’s eye emerald stone has light green color and is extremely precious.

You can pick both as long as they are pure and comes naturally from mine. They should have less impurity or inclusion and should be untreated.

Perfect Weight– When you buy an emerald ring online ensure you are getting not just the right color of stone but also it has the right weight. Usually, the weight should be 12 times less than your weight. Ask your astrologist for the right carat of emerald for you.

Best Metal– An emerald stone gold ring is a very popular choice among buyers because gold goes in green color. But there is another reason as well. Together they make a perfect pair that fills your life with blessings. If not gold, panchdhatu is also the most recommended metal to match with natural emerald gemstone.

Now you know how to wear emerald when to wear Panna stone and everything. But you can avail all the power of Panna only if it is real, free from impurity, and undamaged.

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