Malachite stone

Know The Correct Method To Wear Malachite Stone Jewelry

How to wear malachite stone jewelery

Wear a malachite stone ring if you are feeling pain or struggling to communicate with others. This green-colored marble crystal is known for its irresistible charm, healing, and spiritual properties. However, the stone doesn’t show its bright side to every wearer. The stone is meant only for specific people whose zodiac sign is compatible with the properties of malachite. So, before buying jewelry embedded with malachite buyers must know who can wear malachite. How to wear and which zodiac sign will get the full benefits of malachite stone?

What is Malachite and Its uses?

raw azurite malachite stone
Azurite malachite stone

Though seems like a rock, the raw malachite stone is a mineral of copper carbonate hydroxide found on copper deposits. This mineral was used in the past to produce copper metal or grounded to prepare malachite pigment.

It is not found in individual form but rather exists with other forms of minerals such as iron oxides, calcite, and azurite. Malachite creates bubbles in a liquid when diluted with hydrochloric acid and also becomes explosive on mixing with other minerals.

Thus, it is considered as dangerous but the striking green color and lines on its surface make malachite a useful stone for the ornamental industry. When extracted, the stone has very low hardness thus miners deal with care not to destroy malachite’s original structure.

Despite the malachite stone’s soft nature and dangerous characteristics, it is considered as God of Stone or Stone of transformation in past. During prehistoric times, royals used to create sculptures, wall decorations, and jewelry with malachite by cutting and giving it a cabochon shape.

Who Should Wear Malachite Green Stone Jewelry?

malachite stone bracelet
Malachite Stone Bracelet

Malachite is not only a stone but a magical crystal that can change your fortune. It can also drag you out of the trap of negative energies. Usually, the malachite stone jewelry is preferred by those who have kidney issues as the stone can treat kidney ailments. Thus, malachite is also known as a kidney stone or Dana firang. Although the balanced stone is a semi-precious stone it is still an effective stone. In the past, the stone has been used for healing therapy. Also, there is no side effect of wearing malachite stone.

Despite having no side effects and being a semi-precious stone malachite is not popular in Vedic astrology. Few people believe that this is a stone of shukr grah or budh grah. People born in April can wear kidney stones or those having the zodiac sign Taurus can wear it. Also Gemini Virgo Libra, Capricorn, and  Aquarius zodiac signs can get the benefits of malachite stone.

Especially people who are in the aviation field should adopt this stone as it is a symbol of good luck and also a stone of protection.

What is malachite stone good for?

who can wear malachite green stone necklace
Malachite Green Stone Necklace

1. The healing properties of malachite green crystal stone protect the wearer from accidents or any kind of physical harm.

2. It vanishes negative energy around us and also protects children from the evil eye and other dangers.

3. Those who can wear raw malachite stone get protection from polluted surroundings as well

4. Females expecting should wear a malachite silver ring or jewelry with this stone as it eases the labor pain during delivery.

5. Green malachite stone is also used to prevent diseases such as asthma, cold and cough, arthritis, heart disease, and fertility-related problems. You can also use it to treat insomnia. Just hold it while you are on the bed and you will fall asleep within an hour.

6. Green malachite stone is a blessing for those with kidney and liver stone issues,

7. Malachite palm stone is associated with the third eye and improves visualization and psychic vision.

9. Couples having relationship issues should wear a malachite green stone ring, necklace, bracelet, or pendant for a healthy relationship. Malachite wedding or engagement ring is perfect for them,

10. This semi-precious gemstone is also effective for those trying to quit alcohol and drugs.

How to wear a malachite stone ring?

The malachite stone ring should be worn in the little finger of the left hand. There is also time and day to wear the malachite silver ring. Wednesday is considered the right day as kidney stone is ruled by budh. You can also wear this semi-precious gemstone on Friday but in the middle ring.

Keep these little things in mind to get the full benefits of malachite stone. Also, remember that Dana firang stone weight should not be less than 5 ratti or more than 8 Ratti if you are wearing it as a ring. Both men and women can have genuine malachite jewelry.

Can I wear a malachite stone ring every day?

No, due to the soft nature of malachite it is not recommended to wear malachite rings, bracelets, or pendants on daily basis. They can get scratches easily and also fade from prolonged sun exposure.

How to know if malachite is real?

how to identify a real malachite stone
Fake Malachite

Malachite stone is definitely an attractive gemstone and also readily available. But its easy availability doesn’t justify that each malachite out in the market is real. Fake ones are easy to manufacture as well and one cannot identify the difference without having proper knowledge of the green malachite stone.

So, how do differentiate fake and real ones? We have some tips, check out for following features if you are directly buying malachite stone jewelry.

1. Rings, swirls, or lines– The real Cabochon malachite has all of them or even one of these patterns whereas fake ones only have strips as they are easy to make.

2. Color– Soft shades of green and even dark green color malachite is the real one. On the other side, fake ones only have medium green and black colors.

3. Uniformity– Real malachite stones always have non-uniform patterns or strips on their surface as they are formed in natural conditions. Fake ones will be more uniform.

4. Weight– Original malachite crystal stones are heavier because of the copper content in them whereas unnatural ones are lighter. They are imitated with glass, clay, or plastic.

5. Soft– Don’t be fooled by the softness of malachite stone. It is a symbol of its reality whereas the fake one will be harder and prone to scratches. Another way to tell if malachite is real is to touch its surface. The real one is cold as ice.

Due to these characteristics, the real malachite stone is expensive. There is another variety of malachites too, it is called chrysocolla malachite which is a mixture of malachite, turquoise, jasper, quartz crystal, and lapis. It basically comes from Arizona.

Malachite stone price according to weight

malachite tumbled stone
Malachite Tumbled Stone

In mineral form, its price can go up to $1000 because of its purity. The pure mineral is free from azurite. And if you are buying malachite stones for sales, the per carat price is up to 2 dollars. However, the price of per gram malachite is different. It costs $0.1 or $100 per kg of malachite.

The price of real malachite stone for manufacturing bracelets, pendants, and other jewelry is INR 16.70 per gram. The price depends very much on the location of purchase and the type of malachite stone. For example, the cost of malachite cabs stone in Gujarat is INR 8000/kg whereas malachite tumbled stone is available at INR 3180 per kg.

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