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What Is Malachite Good For? Benefits And Negative Effects For Wearer

malachite stone benefits

Malachite stone is one among the number of beautiful gemstones that pay good benefits to buyers. If you are thinking only about financial advantages, this natural crystal will give you more than your expectations.

It is a stone of energy, a crystal of love, transformation, and a protector from evil’s eye. For professionals who always end up being in the cycle of frustration or for those looking for some spiritual peace; malachite crystal is a treasure.

Since ancient times, malachite has lured people through its magical charm and impressive properties. And buyers find its uses for astrological purposes to makeup requirements.

What is Malachite Stone?

benefits of malachite green stone
Malachite crystal stone

It is basically a bright green-colored mineral that looks like a marble. But the green tone can vary from bright green to blackish green with different shades of the green strip. The stone comes from the mineral copper carbonate hydroxide ( Cu2CO3(OH)2) and occurs in the form of acicular prisms.

Copper gives it the green color due to which it is named malachite and obtained from mallache. It means mallow green stone in the Greek language. The color of malachite is the same as that of New York’s Statue of Liberty. Both are copper tarnish.

Physical Properties of Malachite

Color–  dark green or bright green

Hardness– 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale

Mineral– carbonate mineral class

Where is Malachite Stone Found?

raw malachite stone
Malachite Stone

Today’s version of malachite gemstone comes from the mines of Namibia, Russia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, France, England, and Australia. The stone has different patterns, swirls, or lines of varied shades of green on its surface and resembles tourmaline and turquoise.

Azurite is a similar-looking stone to malachite and it even possesses the same physical properties as it.

Meaning of Malachite Stone

Though malachite is not famous for astrological purposes, the stone has earned a good status among buyers since ancient times. Egyptians used to call this stone God’s Stone for being the protector of the wearer from evil and death.

And due to its connection with the body chakra, the stone earned spiritual meaning as well. It is said that malachite is good for the heart and brings joy.

Uses of Malachite Stone in the Past

malachite stone beads
Malachite stone bracelet

Malachite has been mined even before 4000 BC however commercial uses of malachite began 3000 years after when miners obtained copper from this stone.

Greeks and Egyptians were the first ones to use malachite crystals in thousand different ways. The crystal was then and even now popularly used as a pigment material. People used to grind this mineral stone in powder for paintings or use it in jewelry making.

European paintings of the 15 and 16 centuries have traces of malachite pigments used as one of the ingredients. However, this use of malachite decreased significantly during and after the 17th century.

Only a few manufacturers sell malachite pigment but the crystal has got popularity as a gemstone material.

Banded malachite has a decorative use as well and the St. cathedral of Issac in Russia is proof of it. This semi-precious gemstone is showing its versatility in the present as well. Ornamental usage of cabochon malachite makes it the right gemstone for jewelry manufacturers who often choose this green color stone to make a ring, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and other malachite jewelry. Malachite jewelry is very famous among elites and royals even then.

Healing Properties and Benefits

uses of malachite green stone ring
Benefits of the malachite stone ring

The healing and spiritual properties of malachite can unblock the negative energies in your life. It works like a magical gemstone for the wearer and provides deep comfort, gets rid of old traumas, and strengthens the heart.

Let’s break down these properties and the benefits of the malachite stone in the next section.

1. A Savior

The past uses of the malachite show that the stone has the power to protect people from the evil eye. Warriors used to wrap this piece of stone around their bodies to avoid death.

2. A Stone for Creativity

Like other natural gemstones, malachite crystal is also worn by professionals who are in a creative field like musicians and painters.

3. A Stone for Heart

Malachite stone benefits the heart as it opens the heart chakra and brings love. People who always struggle to understand the feelings of others should wear cabochons malachite jewelry.

4. A Crystal of Spirituality

The spiritual property of malachite makes it worthy for everyone. It opens the third eye chakra which improves wisdom and strengthens the manifesting powers. In other words, your intuition will work a hundred percent and you will have more chances of being right about it.

Malachite works on different chakras of your body, as a result, you feel closer to spirituality and humbleness. It improves you as a human.

5. A Crystal for Emotional Healing

People with traumatic pasts or relationships can feel emotionally well after wearing a malachite bracelet or ring. This gemstone flushes out the toxic energies and emotions associated with your past or your surroundings and cleans the environment so that positivity can easily step into your soul.

What are the negative effects of malachite?

This semi-precious gemstone doesn’t have many side effects if used in form of a bracelet, ring, necklace, or any other form of jewelry. Malachite, however, in its original rock form can be dangerous if the copper content is very high.

It is harmful when its dust is inhaled and if the amount of copper reaches 50 percent or more then the negative effects of malachite will be more. It can affect the formation of red blood cells in the body.

When combined with other forms of minerals, malachite can become explosive.

How expensive is the malachite stone?

benefits of malachite stone pendant
Malachite Stone Pendant

It is an expensive stone and is available at the price of Rs 5000 per kg. For non-Indian customers, the per carat price of malachite is around $2. Per ratti cost of premium malachite starts from  Rs 150. But as the weight increases, the price also varies. For example, the price of 5.25 Ratti malachite is Rs 787.00 and 9.25 Ratti is Rs 1387.

This rate can vary depending upon the quality and the place you buy malachite stone, loose malachite, or beads.

Where to buy malachite stone?

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