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Astrological Benefits and Disadvantages of Emerald Stone (Panna) to Know Before Wearing It

Panna or emerald stone is the most beautiful gemstone of all and is known for the prosperity it brings to one’s life. The stone is also called budh ratna as it is related to the planet mercury (budh). Together these two can make or break the wearer’s life as budh is associated with mental and financial wellness. So, before wearing an emerald stone ring one must know its benefits and side effects.

This is especially important if you are buying the emerald stone ring for astrological purposes. Only top-notch quality stone is reliable and serves you the purpose because not every green color stone is Panna however they can be emerald substitutes.

About Original Emerald Stone and Its Benefits

emerald gemstone
Benefits of Emerald

Panna is widely popular in the jewelry industry because of its bright green color and shine. This is because of the beryl family comes from. A proper mix of materials like iron, chromium, and vanadium gives blue-green color to this gemstone.

However, getting this unique color is not easy to process. If the color is too dark, then emeralds will not be shining much. On the other side, a light green-colored stone is not even called an emerald. Therefore, one must always get certified emerald gemstones to ensure it’s the right ones.

Benefits of Wearing Emerald Stone

panna ring benefits
Benefits of Emerald

Wearing an emerald stone ring makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise as per astrology. Don’t believe us! Check more unbelievable benefits of the emerald ring here

  1. Triggers Creativity in You

Emerald stone is best for people who are in the creative field. This gem has the power to improve creativity, artistic, and linguistic skills in the wearer. After wearing an emerald stone ring, you will see this benefit coming to effect. You will be better at ideation and able to find different methods of doing work.

2. Makes you Smart

If Mercury is weak in your horoscope, emerald crystal benefits you greatly. It makes you wise and improves your intellectual qualities. Students will see more positive effects in their careers after wearing Panna.

3. Boosts Physical Health

One of the greatest properties of emerald stone is that it can improve several health ailments. As per astrology, this gemstone is directly connected with your heart thus helping in improving its health. Panna also heals eye disease, skin irritations, stomach disorders, respiratory issues, and immune system.

4. Good for Mental Health

If your life is off track due to negativity, wearing an emerald ring in the middle ring gives you positive benefit and free you from mental stress. Gradually, your mind will come to rest and you can think clearly. It also keeps you focused and avoids distractions in your life.

5. Heal Spiritually and Emotionally

There are spiritual health benefits of wearing the emerald ring as it keeps you calm, and positive and brings peace of mind. But, this is lost when seven chakras of the body are not aligned properly. This precious gemstone aligns them back and brings compassion, love, joy, and improved well-being. Panna also takes care of your emotional health and improves the poor relationship.

6. Grow you Financially

Not just women, but men are also attracted to the emerald stone and the reason is its ability to bring success and money. Your wealth will skyrocket within a few months after wearing the Panna ring.

Disadvantages of Emerald Stone

  • Major loss of money in business, share market, or income
  • Health issues like breathing difficulty, inflammations, infections, etc
  • Fights and understanding issues in relationships
  • Communication difficulty
  • Poor memory
  • Mental issues like depression

This gem is not compatible with every wearer’s mind and body. Some may face these negative effects due to flaws or doshas in a gemstone. But a common reason is that wearer’s Rashi( zodiac sign) is incompatible with emerald stone.

Not only wearer, but their family, and kids can also face trouble in life. At first, these side effects seem common due to the inability to focus on work, health, and personal life. But, the real reason is emerald stone.

Therefore, one must buy emerald stone after proper consultation from an expert astrologist. Zodiac signs also play a role in selecting the right gemstone for you.

Who can Wear Emerald Stone?

benefits of emerald ring
Who can wear emerald?

Whether Panna is the right gemstone for you or not is the first thing to check before buying it online. This depends on two things- the Zodiac sign and the month of birth. Virgo and Gemini are the two rashis under the dominance of Mercury. Thus, wearing Panna is not harmful to them. People born in May can also wear emerald stones. Libra, Taurus, Capricorn, and Aquarius are other rashis who are also compatible with this gemstone.

However, astrologists can also suggest a few people outside these criteria to wear emerald stone rings in a specific condition. If their life is harsh due to poor budh maha dasha then Panna is a healing stone for such people.

Who Should Not Wear Emerald Stone?

Mars and Mercury are not friendly planets. So, when a person whose Rashi is Aries wears Panna stone they don’t get any benefits and instead face trouble in life. Aries is ruled by Mars. Scorpio and Cancer zodiacs also don’t go well with Panna. However, if there are Budh doshas in their horoscope, they can wear the emerald green stone and get its benefits. For proper consultation, ask expert astrologists.

How Long Will I Get Benefits of Panna Stone?

Emerald loses its efficacy after some time and works only if you have invested in a natural emerald gemstone. The wearer should also wear it after consulting with an astrologist for the right time and date to wear emerald for maximizing its effect.

Usually, the stone takes 1-2 months for showing positive results and lasts till 3-4 years. It stops working after this period or becomes inactive due to damage. And if the stone is fake, you will not see any result even after years.

How to know if Emerald is Real?

genuine emerald jewelry set
Emerald Jewelry Set

To get all the benefits of Panna stone, you should rely on its originality. Only an expert gemologist or goldsmith can accurately spot a difference between real and fake emerald stones. But, an ordinary person can also identify the two by knowing the basics.

Don’t fall for shine– The basic notion buyers usually have is that if gemstone glows brighter, it’s real. The opposite is true. Real emerald doesn’t shine much in light or form rainbow color light, they glow dull instead.

So, if the gemstone you are buying sparkles too much, it’s probably fake. Thus always buy the certified emerald stone that guarantees its authenticity and purity.

Look for color– Not every green is emerald as we said. So, buying a green gemstone doesn’t mean it’s the real Panna. They come in different hues, saturation, and tone, here are the popular ones.

  • Hues- green, yellowish green, and bluish green
  • Tones- green beryl light and very light, emerald medium light and medium dark, dark and very dark
  • Saturation- gray, greenish gray, grayish green, and green

Check Clarity–  A natural emerald stone is never empty from the inside, it has minerals and gases inclusions. So, if you find them unclear don’t think it’s unreal. An easy way to check clarity is to see whether its a type 3 gemstone or not.

Cuts– Emerald also comes in different cuts, they usually make it easier to see inclusions. Oval, round, pear, asscher, cushion, heart, marquise, and radiant are popular cuts used for jewelry design.

These 4 factors can at least give you the satisfaction that you are not buying the wrong gemstones online. Certifications and grading are the most accurate factor that sellers usually take care of.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are buying an emerald ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet, or simply gemstone. The purity and effectiveness of different types of emerald stones are all that matter.

Where to Buy Emerald?

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