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Can I Wear Emerald? Know Which Rashi Can Wear Panna Stone Ring

Are you going to buy an emerald stone ring online? Wait! First of all, know who should wear the emerald stone. Just like other natural gemstones, Panna is auspicious too but it is not meant for everyone or every Rashi. And if you ignore this or wear it out of desire, you can be in big loss of health, wealth, and peace.  

Undoubtedly, Panna is one of the most accessible and luxurious gemstones available in nature so it’s tempting to get one if you can afford it. However, the bright green color and radiance of this gemstone can change only a few people’s fortunes.  

No, you don’t have to be lucky for reaping the benefits of emerald but having good information about this pure and natural emerald stone will help you avail yourself of them. Moreover, there are specific day, time, and process that enhances its power.

 Only after following everything correctly, one can wear a Panna ring or jewelry. Here, we are providing all the necessary information suggested by astrologers and gemstone experts to figure out whether you are the right wearer or not. 

Who Should Wear Panna/Emerald Stone Ring?

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Who Should Wear Emerald

Natural Panna or emerald is born from the high heat and darkness in the mines of Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Africa, and other countries. After a proper extraction, these stones get their new life in form of different types of jewelry like rings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets and buyers adore them as well. But according to Vedic astrology, only specific rashis get the benefit of Panna and this is because of the ruling planet of emerald. 

Before we tell which emerald substitute is good for which Rashi, let’s understand the connection between Mercury and this green color gem.

Emerald and Mercury- What’s the Connection

Behind every natural gemstone, there is a planet. For emerald, the boss is the smallest but most powerful planet in the solar system which is Mercury. According to mythology, Mercury is born from Tara who is the wife of Jupiter, and Soma, son of Moon. Its characteristics are defined as a planet of love, communication, memory, intelligence, and wealth.  However, mercury blesses the wearer with these benefits only when it is strong in their birth chart. If it ends up landing in a zodiac sign with malefic planets, the effects will be the opposite. 

For instance, Sun and Venus have a good relationship with Mercury so Rashi whose ruling planet is either Sun or Venus will not face problems. They will receive good news, lucrative opportunity, better health, relationships, and achieve success. On the other hand, Mercury causes trouble to rashis who are ruled by Mars or when they are in the same house. They will lose money, suffer relationship problems, and face health issues. 

So when anyone wears Panna stone they come into the possession of Mercury, also known as Budh. Experts of Vedic culture describe Budh as a god of balance, harmony, calmness, and love. His personality resonates with the green color. Thus, emerald and mercury are said to be related because both have charming appearances. 

Which Rashi Can Wear Emerald Stone?

To enhance the positive effects of Mercury on certain zodiac signs, astrologers suggest wearing emeralds to those people. 

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Who Should Wear Emerald

Emerald for Aries

Aries is not a comfortable zodiac for Mercury thus they will not receive the benefits of wearing an emerald stone ring. However, Aries can put on emerald rings during Antardasha or Mahadasha. During this period, they will feel courageous, and strong, and get rid of debts. Their relations with siblings would also become better. 

Emerald for Taurus

Taurus is one of those zodiac signs who can wear the emerald ring. Good health, wealth, and wisdom will come to them. It will open doors for good education or higher education properties. All these benefits come into effect only when mercury is in Rajyog Karaka. 

Panna for Gemini

Gemini people should buy emerald jewelry, it is auspicious for them. Wearing an emerald ring can improve their concentration, and immunity system; bring good news related to property and business. Mercury should be in 1, 4, 5, 9, and 11th house only then does it works properly. If the planet is combined with Sun or is resting in the 8th house then Panna can pose adverse effects. Still, Gemini can wear a Panna after proper consultation from astrologists. 

Emerald for Leo

When Mercury enters the Leo zodiac, then it takes possession of the house of wealth and profit. These two houses are in second and eleventh positions in the birth chart respectively. Thus, if Leo wears emerald they get a lot of wealth and profits from the business. But this happens only during Budha Aditya Yoga when Mercury comes in contact with Sun.

And if mercury is with Moon then the wearer will face positive changes in their health. Since emerald is not a prescribed gemstone for Leos, they should wait for Mahadasha and Antardasha. Ruby is the best natural gemstone for Leo Rashi.

Emerald for Virgo

Virgos are the only ones who can wear emerald without any doubt or fear. They should wear this gemstone to get some mental peace in their life. Happiness, good health, and money will follow you as soon as you come in contact with panna. From professional to personal front, everywhere you will get success. Knowledge and wisdom will improve and you will be able to have a good social circle. 

Emerald for Libra

Libra is another Rashi or zodiac after Virgo who should wear emerald. It’s a lucky stone for Libra and brings enormous benefits during Raj Yoga Karaka. For example, your terms with the family will become better, you will get profit from everywhere. Support from friends and partners will increase. You can even get a chance to travel and your spiritual health will improve. So, wear an original emerald stone ring when Mercury is in the Gemini sign along with Saturn or Venus. Consult an expert astrologist when this favorable combination will occur. 

Emerald For Sagittarius

If your zodiac is Sagittarius and you are unmarried, then you might get benefit from wearing a Panna ring. The planet rules the house of marriage in this ascendant. Good news from business or your workplace will arrive soon as mercury also rules house of the profession in Sagittarius. 

But there are conditions, only Sun or Jupiter can live with Mercury in the 7th house. Other than these houses or conditions can make the wearer ill. A yellow sapphire ring is instead suitable for people having the Sagittarius zodiac. 

Emerald for Capricon

Saturn rules Capricorn thus natural emerald stone is beneficial for these signs. Mercury and Saturn together bring endless luck to the wearers and flood their life with good things. Money follows them everywhere and whatever they do brings positive results.

Therefore, people who are businessmen or invest in stock markets should rely on emeralds for good luck. Those who often get ill or deal with stress should also wear the emerald ring. It will bring peace of mind, amplify spirituality, and also helps them win in every challenging situation. 

Emerald for Aquarius

Since Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn, there is no harm in wearing Panna stone jewelry. These two planets are good friends and together they bless the wearer. They ensure good knowledge, relations, profits, long life, and fame. They will get what they want and feel fate is in their hand. Gradually, emerald improves their ability to make the right decisions and achieve success on every front. 

Who Should Not Wear Emerald Stone?

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Who Cannot Wear Emerald

Panna is Bad for Cancer Zodiac

Cancer ascendants are unlucky of all the zodiacs who can wear emerald green stone jewelry. It drastically affects the wearer’s health. They may suffer from insomnia and engage in poor relationships. But rather than completely avoiding emerald, one should wait for the right moment when mercury is in the 3, 4, 7, and 11th houses. It’s better not to take risks and wear the right gemstone as per your Rashi i.e. white pearl. 

Emerald Brings Bad Luck for Scorpio

Scorpio is one of those zodiac signs for whom emerald brings bad luck instead of good. Mercury rules the 8th house which is the house of death so wearing Panna can bring unfortunate accidents or serious health issues to Scorpians. However, emerald is suitable to wear if the planet is in the 8th and 11th house of Virgo or Gemini. 

Emerald is Not Worthy for Pisces

It is not worth spending thousands for nothing as Panna brings less profit to these signs. Thus they should avoid the gemstone at any cost. However, if you really want to own any emerald jewelry and planning to wear it, perform proper rituals and ask astrologists. The right time is when there is no other planet in the 6th house of Virgo other than Mercury. Otherwise, you can be at loss.

Although this beautiful gemstone is considered a good luck stone, one that makes you wealthy; it is advised not to take a risk. This tiny rock can change your life in ways you have never imagined. And if you don’t know how to wear an emerald ring, the change will be bad instead of good. Moreover, certified gemstones that are authentic and untreated are the right ones to wear. 

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